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It's time to find your perfect domain name

Heberme offers a wide selection of TLD options for your domain name. Below you'll find a TLD list pricing breakdown to register your domain name, renew your domain and transfer your domain to Heberme for each option.

For moroccan who want to build a local presence!
149.00 Dhs per year
Recommended extension for technology related projects.
99.00 Dhs per year
Most popular
Build trust with this best-known and respected domain.
115.00 Dhs per year
An alternative to .com domains.
130.00 Dhs per year
Domain Extension
Price per Year
.com 115.00 Dhs
.net 129.00 Dhs
.org 109.00 Dhs
.info 99.00 Dhs
.biz 120.00 Dhs
.name 300.00 Dhs
Domain Extension
Price per Year
.co $60.00 $145.00 $80.00 $90.00 $90.00
.asia $30.00
.in $30.00
.my $90.00
.us $20.00
.ph $90.00
.eu $30.00
.jp $200.00
Domain Extension
Price per Year
.ma $60.00 Valid NRIC Number and Postal Address $60.00 Valid Company Registration Number and Company Name registered under ACRA $60.00 Official Certification from Ministry of Education (MOE) $60.00 Official Certification from Registry of Societies(ROS) $30.00 Valid Singapore Address
For more information on the restrictions to registering a .MA domain, please refer to our .SG Domain Names FAQ
Can't find your domain? Use the search above to search over 500+ TLDs.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • If you're reading this, that means you scrolled all the way through our long TLD list of domain extension options above. It's obvious that you have hundreds of domain extension options to choose from when you register your domain name with Heberme or transfer your existing domain to us. What may not be so obvious is what a domain extension actually is or how to choose the perfect one for your website. From TLD to ccTLD information to picking the perfect domain name, we've included all the details you could ask for to help you along the way!
To get a complete understanding about what a domain extension is, you have to go back in time to the 1980s. Back in the early days of the internet, you needed to type out an internet protocol (IP) address in order to access a host on a network. An IP address is simply a string of numbers and periods. Computers were able to communicate with each other using IP addresses. If this sounds complicated, it's because it was. There weren't powerful search engines back then either, like we have now, to help you navigate to the site you wanted. While there weren't many computers that were connected to the internet back in the 80's, the only way to access a website was to remember the IP addresses for each site and type it in. Sounds messy, right?
Clearly a better, more efficient solution was needed. The solution that was created was the domain name system (DNS). DNS is basically an IP address database. Instead of having to remember an IP address to access a website, you type the domain name into the browser. DNS translates this entered domain name into an IP address that computers understand and are able to communicate with. When your domain is entered into their browser, DNS translates it into an IP address because that is what computers understand. You are then directed to the requested website.

Domain extensions were also created alongside DNS in an effort organize domains into logical categories. These extensions were also called top-level domains (TLDs). When launched, each TLD option served a specific purpose. While this is still somewhat true today, the rules regarding who can register a specific domain extension is not even close to as strict as how it used to be. There were 7 domain extensions that were launched in 1985. These TLDs were:
.com - The .com TLD was intended only for commercial-based websites. .com has since grown into the most popular TLD option, and the competition isn't even close! - Used by morocco government agencies
.net - Originally intended for sites referencing internet information
.org - A non-restricted TLD that is an abbreviation for "organization"
.int - Launched specifically for intergovernmental organizations and international treaties

Those first 7 domain extensions were also commonly know as gTLDs, or generic top-level domains. Sites within a gTLD are intended to cover the same topic or category. ccTLDs, or country code tep-level domains, is another classification of TLDs. ccTLDs were launched with the intent of classifying websites based on their geographical location. Much like how gTLD restrictions are no longer enforced or regulated, ccTLD registrants are widely no longer location restricted. However, this is not the case for all country specific domain extensions. The first available ccTLDs were:
.ma - Morocco-based sites
.fr - France-based sites
.us - United States-based sites
.uk - United Kingdom-based sites
Shortly after the first 3 ccTLDs were introduced, a number of other options were launched. These ccTLds were:
.au - Australia-based sites
.de - Germany-based sites
.fi - Finland-based sites
.jp - Japan-based sites
.kr - Republic of Korea-based sites
.nl - Netherland-based sites
.se - Sweden-based sites

Before we discuss which domain extension you should use, let's first explore a few basic tips to help you register the perfect domain name. Don't Be Afraid Of Simplicity - While you want your domain name to be memorable and unique, you don't want to get too cute with the spelling, especially if it means your visitors will have a hard time typing it out in their browser.
Avoid Hyphens - Very similar to tip #1, you'll want to avoid using special characters like hyphens as this may confuse your visitors. You want to make it as easy as possible for them!
Keep It Short - The less characters in your domain name, the easier it will be for your visitors to type it into their browser. (Are you starting to see a pattern of simplicity with these tips?)
Pull Out A Thesaurus - There are a lot of great domain names that have already been registered, but there are endless options that still are not owned. Use a thesaurus to find similar words if you find that a number of domains you are interested in that have already been registered by other users.
Geographic Terms - Are you a local business? Consider using your city or business location within your domain name.

With hundreds of domain extensions to choose from, you may be overwhelmed picking the right one. We're here to help!

  • When In Doubt, Choose .com - The .com TLD is far and away the most popular and recognized domain extension. You can't really go wrong with the .com TLD!
  • Or Don't Pick .com... - While a .com domain extension might seem like the obvious choice, its popularity means a lot of the most popular domain options have already been scooped up. Luckily there are hundreds of other domain extensions to choose from!
  • Make The Logical Choice - There are hundreds of domain extension options because there are endless website topics. Do you run a limousine company? Consider the .limo extension. Do you run an art studio? Consider the .studio domain extension. Is your site a blog? Choose the .blog domain extension. You're bound to found a logical domain extension to use for your site.
  • Consider A Domain Extension Hack - If you really want a memorable domain, consider a domain hack with your choice of TLD. A domain hack incorporates the domain extension into your domain name. Some examples are, and

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